Multiplayer Retro Gravity Shooter

Online and offline splitscreen 4 player combat

Download (Beta)

Splitscreen up to 4 players

TurboFighter is a blazing-fast multiplayer game that enables you to challenge opponents from around the world. You control a heavily armed ship guiding it through narrow caves. It's your job to humiliate your opponents as much as you can by beating them in a time-set competition. This of course while shooting the living daylights out of them!

Local, LAN party and/or Online splitscreen up to 4 players

You can select local 1v3, 1v2, 1v1 game modes. Create a game in you LAN or online and join locally with 1,2 or 3 players

Unlimited bullets

Create bullet fields where your enemy has no escape from

60fps smooth scrolling gameplay

Low latency networking on a authorative gameserver should provide a smooth game experience.

Heat seeking missiles

Each player get a limited number of target tracking missiles. Recharge at your base!


Start screen

2 Player splitscreen

4 Player splitscreen



Download (BETA)

Download the game for your platform. This is a free beta version, please check for updates.


  • Coming soon


  • Coming soon